Peace and Justice / Strong Institutions

SDG 16: Promoting integration

Last year, war, persecution, and poverty forced more people than ever to leave their home countries. According to the United Nations, there are currently 65 million refugees around the world. Once they have arrived in their host countries, the need to learn a new language and understand a different culture often poses special challenges. Bosch encourages peaceful and secure coexistence and helps refugees get off to a good start in their new environment.

In accordance with the wishes of its company founder Robert Bosch, Bosch has always striven to strike a balance between its business interests and its commitment to social well-being. The company’s efforts with regard to the integration of refugees are one example of this: in 2015, associates donated 410,000 euros to the cause, which Bosch then doubled to 820,000 euros.  In 2016 the money was used to fund 113 projects. Bosch also created 400 supplemental apprenticeship spots for refugees. And at the Vienna location, associates have volunteered as sponsors for 26 refugees from Syria and Afghanistan. The project is called “Support vor Ort: Bosch MitarbeiterInnen helfen” (Local support: Bosch associates help) and is run in cooperation with “Interface Vienna” and “connecting people”. 

The volunteers help refugees and their families navigate officialdom, and also support them with everyday challenges. In addition to this, there are barbecues, soccer tournaments, and other activities on a regular basis. The aim is to enable newcomers to lead independent lives in Austria. Today, five refugees work at the Vienna and Ternitz locations, and two others have found jobs at other companies. Primavera e.V., an aid organization that was founded by Bosch associates, can also look back on a successful year: the organization received 620,000 euros in donations, the highest amount ever. Among other things, Primavera used the money to support refugee aid projects and enable children close to Bosch locations around the world to look forward to a positive future.